HO 4750 decal and ARROW questions

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Herald King is the only company that has produced a full set of decals for
the HC71 series car, as delivered from Roanoke. Intermountain has released 6
road numbers for this car, and probably will release another 6 numbers in
the future. (I do have an extensive collection of digital images of HC69's,
HC70's, HC71 & 71a's and HC78's in various paint schemes. If you contact me
offline, I can burn you a CD.)

The Wilson McClung decals will cover the HC69's & HC70's, for which Herald
King also made a set of decals for.

The HC69 & HC70 should use the Athearn PS 4740 cf 3 Bay Covered Hopper as a
starting point. The HC71 & HC78 should use the Intermountain PS 4750 cf 3
Bay Covered Hopper. Keep in mind that the HC78 has a corrugated roof, which
does not come with the Intermountain kit.

Athearn and Ribbon Rail (?) both have done the HC71 on the 4740 carbody,
which is incorrect.

Russ Goodwin
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> I am looking for some information about decals to do the NW HC 71

>4750 covered hoppers.

>I only have a couple of the Herald King H-51 decal sets for these, and

>will need to use something else for the rest of the cars I want to do. I

>see that the society has the Wilson McClung decals set HO 20-1 and I am

>wondering if that set has the correct data for the HC 71 cars ?


> Also I seem to remember an issue of the Arrow that had info about the

>4750's maybe even the 4740's . I've been searching through my back issues

>from the '90's but I can't find it, can someone tell me if there was an

>issue with that, and what the date was?

>and other than the photo in the color guide, are there other photo's of

>these N&W covered hoppers? Any help will be appreciated, Ken Rees





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