HO 4750 decal and ARROW questions

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Thu Sep 14 23:08:12 EDT 2006

I am looking for some information about decals to do the NW HC
71 4750 covered hoppers.
I only have a couple of the Herald King H-51 decal sets for these,
and will need to use something else for the rest of the cars I want
to do. I see that the society has the Wilson McClung decals set
HO 20-1 and I am wondering if that set has the correct data for the
HC 71 cars ?

Also I seem to remember an issue of the Arrow that had info about
the 4750's maybe even the 4740's . I've been searching through my
back issues from the '90's but I can't find it, can someone tell me
if there was an issue with that, and what the date was?
and other than the photo in the color guide, are there other photo's
of these N&W covered hoppers? Any help will be appreciated, Ken Rees

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