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I have emailed the gentleman at Integrated Signal Systems a few times. He told me he could modify some Oregon Rail heads for my needs. But, he never has gotten back with me. That is twice I've tried to get an answer from him and haven't got one. I kinda think he just doesn't want to do it. Thanks for the heads up on his operating system. I was thinking about buying into that as well.

I believe I can kitbash what I need in the way of signals with the Sunrise Enterprises 2 cabinet relay case and the Oregon Rail B&O signal. I will have to eliminate one of the aspects on the head but that is not a real problem. As for the pole brackets for double tracks and sidings, the Integrated Signal pole bracket is the most accurate that I can find for that, so I may get some of those for that purpose.

This is all new territory for me. Thanks everyone for your help.

Ben Blevins

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Intergrated Signals are excellent signals with battery boxes and three different styles of finals. They do use Oregon heads, but the ladders are lasers etched, case finals and battery boxes, work on 1.5 power system. Do not use their operating system!!!!!!! One of the worst I have ever used. Digitrax has an excellent system and the coming Atlas system will be like plug-n-play.
All I did was send them a photo of the N&W signal and He finished it to the tee [even the painting].
Thanks for the comments on the layout.

Stephen Rineair

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Well now! That is what I was talking about. Prototypically correct looking N&W signals, and even the pole line is accurate as well. A great looking layout. Thanks for sharing the photo with me.
Would you mind if I ask how you modeled the signals with relay cases and the double tracked signals? Are they working models or non working?

Ben Blevins

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You can have signals custom made or wait for the Atlas PRR/N&W signals comming in O and HO scales. The attached photo are signals I have made ten years ago [not the best shot]. The Atlas signals will not have the Oregon backing, but will be like the N&W boxes on back by using small computer LEDS. Also here is a web site for O scale signals which Atlas is working with. http://www.customsignals.com/

Stephen Rineair
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