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Pop the boiler shell and see if the clip on top of the gear tower is popped
up, use a screwdriver or something that you can push on the top of the clip
and snap it back. I had a couple do the same thing. I hope this is the quick
fix for you as these locos are great runners.

Mike ritschdorff

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>Subject: Proto 2000 Y3 question

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>I have three of these. Two of them run flawlessly. The third one I popped a

>DCC decoder into yesterday and after programming... the front set of


>operates, the rear set do not. They are not jammed, because there is some

>play in them. They act almost as if the motor is not connected to them. I

>COULD contact LIfelike I imagine to get it replaced, but if its something


>simple as popping the shell off and finding a u-joint that is not connected

>to the drivetrain of the rear set of drivers I would rather just fix it.

>Advice? Anyone experienced a similar problem?




>Bob Welsh




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