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I guess we are entitled to our own opinions, but I find the opposite to be true at least on the sound. My "A " sounds very tinny, whereas my Y6b has a very deep sound. I have adjusted the sound, checked the speakers for cracks, etc. I personally think it is the plastic verses the metal.

I like the features on the PCM/Lokscound, especially the start up. Also, the PCM whistle sounds just like the whistle you hear on O. Winston Links recording.

I don't know if you guys have noticed, PCM and Broadway share same address and a few other things. I think PCM came about for legal reasons, probably due to licensing agreements.

As for pulling power. The A with traction tires has more pull than the heavier PCM Y6B without. Anyway, my club layout has a 2.2 percent grade, so I just have to mount the front coupler on the A and have it as the second loco while the Y-6b will be in front. Just like Blue Ridge :)

A.J. Gemperline


> Thought I'd stir the pot a bit. Anybody heard whether PCM plans to do the

> Y6/Y6a version to accompany the Y6b?

> Seems like they'd be most of the way there already in sunk cost.

> Of course, it wouldn't surprise me if BLI did this version, either ... I'd

> probably like their cab and tender castings better, not to mention the QSI

> sound chip vs. LokSound.

> Anybody tackled converting the PCM b to an a?

> cheers,

> Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows

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