Y6 allocations, Shenandoah line locos etc.

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Many thanks to Ed King, Jim Nichols, Jimmy Lisle, Mason Y. Cooper,
Harry Bundy, and Jim Brewer (forgive me if I've missed out someone)
who have answered my queries and made comments on this topic.

Thanks to Jim for the list of ATC equipped locos. I presume that there
wouldn't have been many changes to this list after 1951. Rather
nicely, locos observed in the "Pocahontas Glory" and "Hooters on Blue
Ridge" DVDs, and in the few books I have on the N&W fit in perfectly
with the list. For instance, among the K2s, #s 127, 128, 129, and 130
are seen on the Shenandoah line, while #123 is seen at Blue Ridge. The
mystery as to why #2162 was allocated to Bluefield remains, as it
appears that it was ATC fitted.

I'm still somewhat confused on the subject of "sheathed smokeboxes" on
the Ys, so I would be grateful if anyone has information on this.

Also on the Ys, Jim Brewer commented in an earlier posting - "...in
researching the stenciling, a past article in The Arrow indicates that
the road numbers of the locomotives were originally centered on the
side of the cabs. Later, when the vent was added on the engineer's
side, the road number was moved up to clear this vent".

In "Pocahontas Glory - Volume 2" there is an interesting sequence at
Roanoke involving several locos of the J, K, S, and Y6 classes, which
ends with a J heading the westbound Powhatan Arrow towards Jefferson
Street crossing. During this sequence, three Y6s, #s 2130, 2173, and
2166, pass by, giving a good view of their engineer's sides. However,
it seems that #2166 had not had vents added to the cab sides by the
time of this shoot, and so still has the road number centered on the
engineer's cab side. No date is given for the sequence, but it can't
be earlier than 1955, as the Powhatan Arrow coaches have lost their

This prompts the question as to why the vents were added, and when the
process started. Perhaps, as with the sheathed smokeboxes, some locos
missed out on the modifications.

Regards to all,

Frank Hung


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Here is a list of locomotives equipped for ATC on the
Shenandoah Division; this information was kindly furnished by Col.
Jeffries in a previous posting to this list. The road numbers listed
have "wrapped around" but are for the August 1951 snapshot of time.

Jim Brewer

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