Any sample N&W passenger train consists?

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Frank -

I don't have any specific consists, but you can say that before, say, 1965
(I don't have the exact date when USMail quit going on the rails), trains 3,
4,15, 16, 17, 18,23, 24,41 and 42 had RPO cars AND storage mail cars. Also
the Bristol Line locals, nos. 9 and 10, had them.

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> June 21, 2006


> Good morning, all:


> Does anyone have a N&W passenger train consist, any

> date, any route, which includes a Railway Post Office

> car and storage mail cars? I'm completing the handout

> for my July 6 presentation at the N&W HS convention

> and would like to add one or more lists of car numbers

> and locomotive making up a specific train on a given

> date prior to 1967.


> If so, please contact me on- or off-list. I can use a

> transcription that is typed into an email, a fax, or a

> .jpg scan. The source will be credited for the

> information.


> While I'm writing, if anyone knows approximately how

> many people may be attending the Strasburg convention,

> that will also help. I need to photocopy the handouts

> late next week and am unsure how many to make.


> Good night and good morning,


> Frank Scheer

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