Correct cabooses for 1950s?

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For your era I would recommend #77, the mid-version scheme with Ajax
vertical brakewheel. I am presuming that PCM refers to the roadname and
numbers being the same height and spelled out across the sides. Most, if
not all, of the photos I have examined in this era of the CF caboose fit
this description.

BTW, I found it odd that PCM is not offering this model "unnumbered" or
undecorated. The photo in their catalog of is the caboose sitting at the VA
Transporaton Museum to the best of my knowledge. Let's hope they get this
model correct.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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I notice that Precision Craft Models are going to produce HO scale N&W
Class CF cabooses.

They are to be offered initially in 4 variants:

75 Norfolk & Western Class CF Caboose - Early Scheme w/Horizontal
76 Norfolk & Western Class CF Caboose - Mid-Version Scheme
w/Horizontal Brakehweel
77 Norfolk & Western Class CF Caboose - Mid-Version Scheme w/Ajax
Vertical Brakewheel
78 Norfolk & Western Class CF Caboose - Late Version Scheme w/N&W
Hamburger; Ajax Vertical Brakehweel

I am interested in the period 1954-1957. I realise that the Late
Version Scheme with the "Hamburger" is too late for that timespan. But
are all the other variants suitable?

Many thanks for any enlightenment on this.

Frank Hung
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