M3 RPO & MS3 car kits

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No I don't have an update. The models are still waiting on enough
reservations. You can always email Model Railroad Warehouse.
mrrwarehouse at yahoo.com
So if you know people who want the model have them send in a reservation so
the car will be built. At this point I don't know how many more
reservations are required.

John Rhodes

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> Hello, John:


> Do you have an update on the M3 model? Are there

> other planned kit or build RPO models, currently

> available, or out of production? If so, manufacturer,

> gauge, stock number, and last known price will be

> helpful. I'm also interested in one's assessment

> about how accurately the prototype is modeled.


> Thank you,


> Frank Scheer

> f_scheer at yahoo.com


> >Subject: M3 RPO & MS3 car kits

> >To: nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org

> >

> >Fellow Model Builders, Red Ball/ Model Railroad

> >Warehouse is coming out with a kit for the M3 RPO and

> >the MS3 Mail Storage Car.The MS3 was converted from

> >the BMh Baggage and Mail Car, so this kit could be the

> >basis for that car also.

> <snip>

> >

> >Happy Modeling,

> >John Rhodes

> >



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