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As promised the N&W Pokey "Chicagoland" division has test results of the PCM
Y class.

My test is very simple run a loaded coal train down the hill and run a
hopper train back up the hill!

Both locomoitve performed very well in the intended service. 2200 ran the
coal train down the hill without any problems with the locomotive. The coal
train was 24 Accurail twin hopper with live loads of fly ash. Train weight
on the drawbar is about 20 pounds. No bucking, binding or gear lash loping
was noticed. The Bachmann aux tank did go ariborne as the 20 pounds of train
was pushing against the a tank and the 2200. I now use a brass a tank!!

2175 took a train of 24 mts up the hill but stalled when the full train wa
in the grade and curves.

The train did continue up the hill (2 1/2% with a run of 125') with the
normal Y3 pooosher and did gain traction once out of the first set of curves
and ran unassisted to the crest.


Yes I agree that the rods and valve gear look chintzy.

The front plastic coupler has to go!!

Yes the tender is very heavy,,,but the extra weight provides excellent
pickup which the BLI class suffered from badly.

The Loksound is a tremendous improvement over QSI. There is not start up
lope and stall and a very nice smooth range of low end speed on DCC (Both
easyDCC and LENZ). The lok sound is the best I have used so far, the Hooter
whistle is nice! Another nice touch is the blowing off of the cylinder cocks
for a few revolutions untill the steam is sent through the stack!!!

the drawbar set up is an improvement over the class A. be sure to make sure
the plug is tight into the loco form the tender.

We ran both of them very hard and no derailments or other operational
problems have cropped up so far, but I have not let my crew loose on them

I have some input with BLI/PCM but it is very limited, I whine a lot and
slowly we are geting better but having off shore executives calling the
shots it is hard to make them understand our passion for getting things
right the first time. I will keep whinning for all of us as there is more
stuff coming for us N&W fans!!

The next locomoitve in the planning stages will set off more hisssy fits
than ever! but you wil have to wait a couple of year though!

Any questions on my observations and fixes for other plastic steam
locomotives contact me off line!!

Mike Ritschodrff

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>What about the articulation? Ia it the same a the BLI's?


>Kurt S. Kramke


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>>So I got mine yesterday, and put it on the programming track today.


>>Comments: Valve gear is not acceptable. If Proto can put acceptable

>>valve gear on the Y-3s, why can't these folks put it on the Y-6b? And

>>Broadway on the N&W A, for that matter?

>> Sound is barely acceptable; the exhaust sound is

>>confusing to say the least. Other sounds are OK; a nice touch is the

>>splash of water from the injector overflow after the injector shuts off.

>> Programming is OK.

>> Power - not acceptable. My Broadway 1218 will shove

>>the Y-6b right off the test track without slipping a driver (I haven't

>>tested it against my Y-3s). The Y-6b will not budge the A if the A is not

>>under power.

>> Tender is heavy all right, but I guess that's because

>>of the big speaker.


>>Ed King




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