Strasburg Convention

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Fri May 19 16:56:41 EDT 2006

I for one will be attending the Convention with my entire family, and we are excited to be headed into Amish country for a week-end of both railroad and amish related sights.

One of the duties that we have as a society is to give support to any organization that is willing to help secure the history of the N&W, whether it is a steam locomotive or a passenger station, and us going to Strasburg is a shining example of our commitment and support, this also allows us to carry the N&W banner into the heart of Conrail territories and maybe..just maybe there are new Fans as a result of the NS acquisition, who are interested in some of the NS predessors but know how to reach us.

I strayed into Southern territory as part of our 2003 convention simply because I felt that Spencer's commitment to the N&W needed to be exposed and celebrated.

I cannot wait to see the 475 with a mixed train shining in all of her glory with a trainload of N&W fans, just like the good-ole days of the Huckelberry and the Creeper.-That my friends is what our conventions are all about.

As far a Russ goes, in my opinion, he is truely a modeling artist, and I enjoy his work and his articles that have appeared in RMC and the Arrow. You can read all kinds of how to's, but there is nothing like hearing a person, like Russ explain how he creates his masterpieces and seeing his works of art in person.

I hope to see all of you in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania in July.

Gary Price

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