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Fri May 19 04:21:38 EDT 2006

May 19, 2006

Good morning, all:

I probably won't be very active on the N&W modeling
list, but thought I'd introduce my interests anyway.
They are summed up in three words: "Railway Post
Office." And no, not just the letters column by that
name in Model Railroader.

I joined the Train Collectors Association in 1967 and
did some HO modeling as a teenager. It was all Revell
models, Rivarossi equipment, and loops-on-a-plywood
sheet. So, I really can't be considered a serious

In later years, I disposed of my Lionel pre-war O and
Standard as pricing foreclosed opportunities to build
a collection. All I actively pursue now are O and HO
scale RPO models that accurately depict prototypes.
No more Lionel "RPO" that was essentially an operating
boxcar, or later Athearn RPO models painted in an
Amtrak color scheme.

RPO models are a challenge for the N&W modeler. I've
found only two brief references to them on this list
since mid-2004. For the most part, it seems that one
is left to kit-bashing or scratch-building any of the
equipment other than Class Me. That particular style
seems to adhere to a USRA car body standard used by
many railroads, for which Walthers produced kits.

Within this niche, I'm endeavoring to fill an
information gap. I've tried to adapt kit-bashing
narratives by a couple of other non-N&W modelers and
apply them to some of the N&W RPO car classes. If one
or more of you are specifically interested in head-end
cars and have built models --unlike me-- I'd
appreciate your review of my draft. I'm seeking
technical critiques of adapting, assembly, and

If you are willing to review what I've put together so
far, please contact me off-list. Of course, all
assistance will be appropriated credited in the
Brunswick stew that results. Oops, I forgot
--Brunswick Green is applicable to a different

Thank you,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at

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