Rivarossi DCC upgrade

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Hi Bob;

First the model must run very well on DC.

Rivarossi never installed enough electrical pickups on the Y6b models. Add
more. One choice is Tomar, another is to make your own from phosphor bronze
strip formed into leaf springs that rub against the back of the driver
tires. These can be solder to a section printed circuit board material
mounted under each set of drivers. Make sure that you electrically isolate
each side. For the tender, copy the P2K approach - look at a 0-6-0, or a
newer 0-8-0.

My suggestion is that you take the two you have already converted and get
them to work to your satisfaction before proceeding. First disconnect the
decoder, and add jumpers so that it will operate on DC. Only worry about
the motor, the other functions will take care of themselves. Get the
locomotive to operate well on DC, and make sure that it has plenty of
electrical pick-ups - all drivers and all tender wheels.

Consider re-gearing using the NWSL kits for the older in the firebox motored
models. You can put a replacement motor in the firebox, or put a much much
larger one in the tender, and use NWSL u-joints and driveshafts to transmit
the mechanical power to the gearboxes in the locomotive. This approach was
very popular in the 1950's and 1960's. Put lots of weight in the
locomotive, and some in the tender to counteract the torque.

For the price of professional installation, you can purchase the PCM

Nigel F Misso

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>I have had less than satisfactory results with the two Y6b's I tried to

>install decoders in. Admittedly these also probably needed remotoring, but

>neither one of them works worth a flip. I have three more - one newer

>center-motored unit and two of the older units. These are all good runners

>but after the fiasco of the first two I am loath to try again. Anyone have

>any advice for me, or the name of someone in the southwest Virginia area

>who is a reputable shop who can assist me in this adventure?


> Bob Welsh

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