Pocahantas 10-6 Sleepers

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The only N&W car needed in the New York-Norfolk pool was the Sussex
County. The Buchanan County alternated with a PRR car New York-Roanoke
via the valley line. McDowell County alternated with a PRR car (usually
the Juniata Rapids) New York-Williamson via the Southern between
Washington and Lynchburg, thence on the Cavalier.
And, yes, at least one of them (Buchanan County) made it to
Cincinnati in red paint. Picture on page 20 of the N&W Color Guide,
dated August 1966. Jim Nichols

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> John:

> In checking my source, I note that N&W did indeed have three 10/6's

> built to plan 4140 -- Buchanan County, McDowell County, and

> Sussex County. These cars went into a New York - Norfolk (and

> Richmond) pool, along with 3 cars supplied by the RF&P. They

> protected assignments on The Cannonball, later combined with

> The Cavalier to Petersburg. After the sale of the Budd sleepers

> to PRR, these three cars filled the Norfolk-Cincinnati assignment

> on The Pocahontas, so they did make it to CUT even if they

> were painted "Herman, the German" blue.

> Harry Bundy





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