H-30 PRR Coivered Hoppers/ N&W HC-3 Covered Hoppers

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The N&W Class HC-3 and HC-3a covered hoppers built in the late 1940's
(Some or all by Greenville) were very similar to the PRR H-30 class
which was first built in 1935. The last of the H-30 variations was
built in 1951.

See the N&W car in the Virginia tech website:
http://imagebase.lib.vt.edu <http://imagebase.lib.vt.edu/> Search for
HC-3 "Hopper, Covered"

See the PRR cars in the website at: http://prr.railfan.net/

There are probably more websites with info- I just did a quick search.

F&C made this hopper in a flat back mold kit about eight years ago.
Pretty good kit.

PSC made brass HO H-30's and HC-3's about that date, too.

Must be four years ago now, but we ran a covered hopper series in The
ARROW that discusses the HC-3.

Gary Rolih


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I believe the H-30 was the triple bay covered hopper that was similar -
if not identical - to a Pennsy cover hopper several years ago. Is
anyone aware of a decal manufacturer that makes proper decals for the

Bill Smith

Atlanta, GA

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