Trailers on the Shenandoah Division From the Chesapeake Western

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It is my understanding that the Chesapeake Western had a ramp just north of Staunton and that they ran a train at night. I take that is was in a similar time frame. They shoved the train one direction, I do not know which. That is why they had a headlight on one of their cabooses. Can someone speak to the connection with the parent road, the N&W, and how that worked?

David Ray

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Harry -

Yes. Briefly. Trains 58 and 59 were put on to operate out of Bristol; a ramp was built in the vicinity of the new boiler house at the east end of the station, and I believe it still exists. K-1s powered the train, which I don't think ever amounted to more than a couple of cars. The story I got is that the Teamster Brothers put enough pressure on Eastman that they dropped the project.

I don't know exactly how long the train operated, but it wasn't very long. . .

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I need to axe you a question. We're talking history and innovation here.
Sometime before the demise of steam on the Pulaski District, wasn't
there a dedicated Trailer Train made up of Tennessee Eastman traffic
(mostly) that went to PRR at Hagerstown ? Steam powered ?
Harry Bundy


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