Y6's on the Pulaski District

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There was new TOFC service set up, November 1955 as N&W's TrucTrain
Service with a brand new ramp built in Bristol, and some additions to
the existing ramp at 10th Street in Roanoke. This service initially ran
in the consist of train 88 from Bristol to Roanoke, and first 88 from
Roanoke to Hagerstown.

It was a joint venture with the Pennsylvania Railroad, moving trailers
north via Hagerstown to Philadlphia and Kearny, New Jersey for New York
City. Mason and Dixon Lines, Mundy Motor Lines, Norvick Transfer
Company, Brooks Transportation, Co. and Super Service Motor Freight Co.
Inc. were the truck line partners in this venture. It was stated in the
N&W Magazine article that when the traffic justified it, special trains
would be run. It does not mention any specifics about Eastman. The
article stated that Bristol was the gateway for trucks out of Tennessee
and the Southwest.

It further went on to say negotiations were being held with motor lines
in North Carolina to have a gateway at Winston-Salem.

Ken Miller

On Feb 19, 2006, at 10:38 PM, nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> I remember a pig yard being constructed in Kingsport Tennessee (E.

> Sullivan Street & Wilcox Drive) just around the corner from TEC during

> the late 1950's. This was on the old CLINCHFIELD but SOUTHERN had

> trackage privileges to get into Eastman and SOUTHERN has had a

> loco stationed there since my high school years (early 1960's).


> However, as CLINCHFIELD probably interchanged with SOUTHERN in Johnson

> City at that time I would imagine that a CRR "shifter" probably moved

> the train to Johnson City and SOUTHERN took it to Bristol to

> interchange with N&W.


> Tennessee Eastman (and Holston Army Ammunition Plant which was

> operated by TEC for years) generated enough traffic at that time to

> keep a couple or three railroads busy in Kingsport.


> If I have committed any errors, I am sure to be corrected as I am

> recalling from memory stuff from many years ago.






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>> EdK:

>> I need to axe you a question.  We're talking history and innovation

>> here.

>> Sometime before the demise of steam on the Pulaski District, wasn't

>> there a dedicated Trailer Train made up of Tennessee Eastman traffic

>> (mostly) that went to PRR at Hagerstown ? Steam powered ?

>>                                                             Harry

>> Bundy

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