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I am right now going through the agonies of trying to salvage a batch of
decals that have decided to disintegrate as soon as they hit the water. Having
always read that a coat of a clear lacquer would do the trick, I decided to
experiment with a spray of Testors GlossCote. So far, knock on wood, my
success rate is 100% on about a dozen decals of various sizes.

Dave Phelps

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MicroScale make a liquid decal film that can be brushed onto old decals, and
will re-solidify them. Works well. Best bet is several thin coats with a
fine hair brush.

Russ Goodwin

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>A guy gave me a good tip for working with old, old decals that might

>disintegrate when you try to apply them.


>Pin them down flat on a board and coat them lightly with Glosscote. This

>will keep them from coming apart when you work with them and will still let

>them slip away from the backing paper.






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