Decal setting solutions

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Mon Feb 6 22:44:41 EST 2006

For a good setting solution for all decal, I have found that
Microscale's Microsol is it. I have used it on Champ, Walthers, Great
Decals and numerous others. I have also used it on decals I have made
on my inkjet printer.without adverse affect. Solvaset is great fro
removing lettering from cars, but will disolve Microscale decals in
seconds. Champ makes a decal setting solution also and it can be used
to weather cars. It like Solvaset is very strong and should be used on
any of the decals from other manufacturers.

As for coating the decals after they are in place, most of the time I
just give the cars a shot of Dullcoat or lusterless finish. When learly
about loosing the decals I will coat with PolyScale flat finish

Larry Smith

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