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I would like to see the same locos, but not by mth or lionel. The models need to be correct for one and
that leaves both of these manufactures out. Mike has not produced one quality item yet. Just another scale opinion. Mike also is trying to do HO locos, but was told by HO'ers he could sit on them if one could not use all functions in DCC by other suppliers. Mike just wants to split up HO as he has the O scale market by having to buy his DCS system to use all the functions. As far as 2-rail TMCC goes, Atlas is having trouble selling this system do to lack of orders . Several locos are not available in TMCC. Check AtlasO.com website for many locos have not met minimum orders. Many are jumping off the TMCC bandwagon though it was not large to begin with. Also Lionel does not allow Sunset, Atlas, Weaver, and K-Line full use of their sound library and O scalers are upset. TMCC has a little and srinking following.
Stephen Rineair


I hope you do convince MTH to produce an M or M2 in O (even W's would be fine). I would go for a 2 rail version. Last year I purchased a PRR H-3 Consolidation in 2 rail and was pleasantly surprised at the detail. It's also capable of running on 3 rail with installation of the center pick ups and flip of a switch hidden in a toolbox on the tender. Clever!
I noted on another post that PSC is considering doing an M2. Cripes, our local hobby shop has had 2 HO ones sitting on the shelf for several years at over $1200 a piece. Imagine what one in O scale will go for! I don't care if an engine is made of brass, die-cast, plastic, or resin as long as it runs well and you don't have to refinance the house to buy it. I can add or subtract detail.
Still wish someone would do a decent C&O/N&W Class C-16/S-1 in HO and O.

Jim Kehn


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