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I hope you do convince MTH to produce an M or M2 in O (even W's would be
fine). I would go for a 2 rail version. Last year I purchased a PRR H-3
Consolidation in 2 rail and was pleasantly surprised at the detail. It's also capable of
running on 3 rail with installation of the center pick ups and flip of a
switch hidden in a toolbox on the tender. Clever!
I noted on another post that PSC is considering doing an M2. Cripes, our
local hobby shop has had 2 HO ones sitting on the shelf for several years at over
$1200 a piece. Imagine what one in O scale will go for! I don't care if an
engine is made of brass, die-cast, plastic, or resin as long as it runs well and
you don't have to refinance the house to buy it. I can add or subtract detail.
Still wish someone would do a decent C&O/N&W Class C-16/S-1 in HO and O.

Jim Kehn
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