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I must come out of the closet as a modeler in O scale using 3 rail track (AC). My models are all scale and my track is not high rail. 18 months ago, I suggested to MTH that they bring out a N&W FM and a covered wagon. I provided photos from Bowers' "N&W First Generations Diesels" book. They have done that (whether I had anything to do with it or not). Both engines are in MTH's Premier line with the Protosound 2 command system. They have also recently produced a N&W 0-8-0 save that they kept the headlight on top of the smokebox (an error not committed by Lionel on their N&W scale equivalent). That fix will take several hours.

My wish now is that MTH will produce an M2 and streamlined K2a (Shenandoah Division). We'll see.

For 2 rail O scale (DC) folks, MTH is making a real effort to offer scale locos convertible for use on either system. Atlas is experimenting with 2 rail AC in O while MTH is moving toward establishing DCS in 2 rail DC (for both their O and HO lines).

While most of the posts on the NWHS-modeling list concern HO, I still draw a lot from everyone's "pro-typical" comments.

Dick Merrill
Stafford VA
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There seems to be no intrest in, or at least no inclusion of, anything but HO scale modeling. Having been a HO modeler since the mid fifties I applaud this participation in what has been an enjoyable hobby for me for many years. However, for various reasons I, have in the last ten years or so, developed a real intrest and participation in O guage. I have concentrated on the the three rail equipment now becoming available. I am not talking about the toy type trainset equipment arround the Christmas tree.
There are several companies such as MTH, Lionel, and Sunset now producing equipment that is well detailed and very close to scale. Having growen up in HO I am somewhat of a rivit counter but still find these models quite satisfying.The sheer bulk of this equipment more accurately represents the "presence" of these steam giants. A 2 1/2' long Y6b might even look great on your wall as a static model.
I would like to hear from any one interested in O guage, 2 or 3 rail with the idea of prodding the powers at be to produce more NW equipment. For example Sunset recently did not go foreward with production some M1 and M2 twelve wheelers due to a lack of interest. There is still a chance that this production run may still come to pass and it seems to me that this group could well be a source of interested parties.
I do not propose that this be sproject sponsered by the Historical Society. I just want everyone be aware of product that is, or could be, available. Clearly the society ha a vested interest in HO. There is nothing wrong with this but expanding one's interests has some merit.
Anybody interested may feel free to contact me personaly.
Robert Starkweather
206 Lagoon Dr.
Northfield, IL. 60093
zybt40 at aol.com
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