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According to the 1st Generation diesel book, three Wabash PA-2's were
retired by N&W in 1965. They were all renumbered (3850, 3852, 3853), but
there is no record that any were repainted.
So a PA in solid blue with the half moon/hamburger herald would be a
stretch, but still the closest you can probably get.
Marty Flick

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> AFAIK, no Alco PA-1 ever ran on N&W. Southern PA-3s (purists called them

> late model PA-2s) ran at Bristol on the N&W from the state line in the

> middle of State Street to the station stop at the east end of the

> passenger station and then to the N&W roundhouse a mile farther on, but

> that was as far as they got.


> The Wabash PAs were long gone before the 1964 merger.


> Southern Alco DL109s ran through from Monroe to Bristol during a coal

> strike in the late 1940s.


> Now, with that said, I'll say again what I've said many times: It's your

> basement, your railroad and paid for with your money. If you want to

> paint an Alco PA-1 in N&W livery (similar to the Wabash E8s, I suppose) go

> right ahead. If somebody objects, they don't have to look at it.


> EdKing

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>> Hello, Certainly hope I'm reaching someone...... An avid fan of the Y6b

>> here, waiting for it's construction in 1:29 Scale baby!!! Okay, I'm

>> wondering if it ever happened, and if there are any known web photo's or

>> otherwise of a ALCO PA-1 that may have run on the N&W at some time or

>> another. I am considering the possibility of custom decorating USA train

>> G scale units (as opposed to purchased in B&O scheme). But I'd like to

>> see what it looks like, or exsists,(or-ted). Anyway, prototype photo

>> opportunity for PA-1 in N&W wear, Anyone please? Sincerely, Charles Ward



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