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Supplementing the other replies you've received, the NKP's PA's were also
long traded in before the '64 merger.

Follow Ed's advice. It's your RR, and who's to say that in an alternate

Dave Phelps

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Hello, Certainly hope I'm reaching someone...... An avid fan of the
Y6b here, waiting for it's construction in 1:29 Scale baby!!! Okay,
I'm wondering if it ever happened, and if there are any known web
photo's or otherwise of a ALCO PA-1 that may have run on the N&W at
some time or another. I am considering the possibility of custom
decorating USA train G scale units (as opposed to purchased in B&O
scheme). But I'd like to see what it looks like, or exsists,(or-ted).
Anyway, prototype photo opportunity for PA-1 in N&W wear, Anyone
please? Sincerely, Charles Ward

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