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Good luck with your endeavour. I have been trying to do the same for a few years now. I finally got tired of drawing up plans and changing them constantly, so now I just started building a shelf layout. I have a 4x8 for my three sons because they'd rather watch a train go round and round than have to go back and forth like a prototype railroad.
Anyway, I'm modeling the Saltville Branch of the N&W, which is only a nine mile stretch with three trestles. This line is now in the process of being removed.
Now, my era is where I'm having trouble nailing it down. I'd like to have steam, but that limits me motive power wise to just three or four types of locomotives. Still, I haven't decided for sure.
I'm afraid I don't have a plan, other than in my head. It just seems to work better that way for me.
Good Luck!
Ben Blevins

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Your son of 9 is an intelligent young man with good taste. I also enjoy the Link collection and have displayed every print with most signed. You have come to a great group of fellows in the society who are very knowledgeable.

Stephen Rineair
Cincy, OH
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I am new to this list and I am new to modeling too. My son is nine years old and has wanted to build a train layout for years. He recently came to me and said he wants to build a layout after the N&W. Why this line I asked him, 'Because he loves the steam locomotives in O. Winston Links photographs'. OK, that impressed me. Anyway, I have cleared out our basement and we have space for an HO layout approximately 11'x14'. I was thinking that a u-shaped benchwork with a 3' center walk-space would be nice. My question is does anyone out there have layout plans that are based on a branch line of the N&W?

We are still reading about the different areas and such and are just at the planning stage but if I could find some ideas that have already been worked out it would be a help.

Thanks so much,

Ed Morrows

Ocean Grove, NJ


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