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Your son of 9 is an intelligent young man with good taste. I also enjoy the Link collection and have displayed every print with most signed. You have come to a great group of fellows in the society who are very knowledgeable.

Stephen Rineair
Cincy, OH
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I am new to this list and I am new to modeling too. My son is nine years old and has wanted to build a train layout for years. He recently came to me and said he wants to build a layout after the N&W. Why this line I asked him, 'Because he loves the steam locomotives in O. Winston Links photographs'. OK, that impressed me. Anyway, I have cleared out our basement and we have space for an HO layout approximately 11'x14'. I was thinking that a u-shaped benchwork with a 3' center walk-space would be nice. My question is does anyone out there have layout plans that are based on a branch line of the N&W?

We are still reading about the different areas and such and are just at the planning stage but if I could find some ideas that have already been worked out it would be a help.

Thanks so much,

Ed Morrows

Ocean Grove, NJ


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