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Overland in my opinion did not do that hot of a job with the recent J's
which I own one. After sending 3 back due to the maroon stripe fading as it
neared the end of the cab and end of the tender they finally gave me 25% off
and I took it to a local hobby shop for restripping. I think Overland could
have done a QA before receiving the models. This issue was very noticeable
on all J's that I received. I just completed putting the BLI sound in my
brass J and it sounds close enough for me. She looks good pulling a 25 car
mixed excursion consist. The cars are Walthers and Rivarossi. I added 3
ounces of weight in the boiler to get it to pull up my 3% grade.

As far as this subject if you have a hobby shop nearby that has both for you
to look at or if a show is in your area look at the two locomotives and see
which you like best. According MSRP on Walthers website the spectrum J is 50
less than the BLI.

My additional two cents

Jon Kelley


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I would sum up the J's like this......

Most accurate would be the Brass J latest run by OMI. Though it still is not
100% (no model is!), it was done with the plans from a gentleman from NC who
had worked for the railroad and has the J plans displayed. The deal was
that OMI could use the plans if OMI did the models in O scale. OMI did!

The BLI in plastic is so far the most accurate, using plans provided by an
N&W society member.

The Spectrum was modeled from the J in Roanoke. Botchman still couldn't get
things correct and many flaws have been pointed out on this forum. \\

The Spectrum and the BLI J are equal in pulling power, my BLI J will pull 6
brass cars up a 2% grade which is over the NMRA weight requirement.

As far as sound, every one as an opinion, so I'll go with society member who
compared recordings and stated the octave was slightly off, but a good
representation of the actual sound. I'm tone deaf so I must rely on a more

Stpehen Rineair

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