BLI vs Specrum J

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I have never had a problem since I started using the Sidekick. It works

Jim Slack
Wichita, KS

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This is a valid concern. BLI Has released a
pushbutton contro; called Sidekick so the reversing
switch is not involved. Does anyone have an analogous
analysis using Sidekick? I have had even worse results
trying to use an early non-traditional analog system
used on the Columbus, IN club layout.
Merle Rice

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> I have a BLI with sound that I am running on analog

> DC. I like the sound, but the control system

> running on analog is not a winner. It is nearly

> incompatible with with my aristocraft remote

> throttle because the throttle drops the track

> voltage to zero for a fraction of a second when

> reversing. This feature confuses the BLI control

> system. Running it on a conventional DC throttle

> works OK most of the time, but trying to do anything

> fancy with the reverse switch to ring bell or sound

> the whistle is somewhat hit or miss. Occasionally

> the loco will go into a dead state and will have to

> be reset with the magnetic wand. The instruction

> manual is pretty marginal in its guidance on these

> issues; the manual appears to apply to an earlier

> version of the control system than was supplied with

> my model. Of course the loco dies at whatever time

> is most inconvenient.


> My recommendation is that if the BLI non sound

> equipped version has the same control system and you

> plan to run on analog DC, avoid the BLI model.


> Ed Sproles

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> List,


> I am considering purchasing either a BLI or

> Spectrum J class locomotive. I am not interested in

> sound, so if I were to purchase the BLI locomotive,

> I would buy a non-sound equipped version. Based on

> detail and running characteristics, is there a

> consensus as to which is the better model?


> Thanks,

> Carl Miller







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