Happy '06

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Same to you Andre. You know, of course, that Bachmann has scored
again and put bum numbers on the 2-10-2s, donchya?


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>Wanted to wish all on the list a Happy, healthy and prosperous 2006.

>It's been a rough year for some of us; let's all pray that the New

>Year will perhaps bring fewer trials and tribulations as life tosses

>challenges into our paths. And I hope that Mike Ritschdorff's

>prediction is true, that even more N&W-prototype models are coming

>our way. Now, back to the basement to play with the new Bachmann

>Sou. Rwy. light 2-10-2!

>Keep the list alive! Hope to see all in Strasburg.

>Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows

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