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WHO's doing the polling to find out what we WANT??
Certainly NOT by talking to us.

Good, they(the manufacturers) gave us a Y3/quasi-Y3a. N&W had a LOT OF
THEM. How about Z1's. DUH!

I will most likely be DEAD before the research AND polling of desired
products is actually done correctly.

I am assuming that they can easily fit a Y5/Y6/Y6a body over the Y6b
mechanics? THAT would actually be clever, but I've been disappointed so
many times before by manufacturers who spend about 1 hour doing 'research'
or asking ONE or TWO people what should be produced next, that I've almost
given up on them.

50 Y3's were made. USRA style with BL feedwater htr added&bigger tenders
30 Y3a's were made. - different piping than the 1st Y3's.
20 Y4's were made. - Y3a with streamline cab.
20 Y5's were made. - Y pipe, new boiler/cab/piping/spoked pony&trailer
35 Y6's were made. -As above but outside bearing pony/trailer/throttle
16 Y6a's were made. Different drivers/counterweights
30 Y6b's were made. As above but SA feedwater heater, and boiler details.

The most numbers of N&W steam before 1950 were M's and Z's.

190 Z class were made.
125 M
98 M1's
61 M2's
(according to Prince - unless I miscounted)

I sure wish we could get some Z's and M's, and maybe some HU and Hua

Anyway, my $0.02

Mark Lindsey

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