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Sat Nov 19 10:13:30 EST 2005

Dear PCM:
The N&W Historical Society Mailing List notes that Walthers is advertising a
new Y6b soon to be available.
As I suggested to your reps at the NMRA meet in July, the market has never
seen a Y6/Y6a, but we have seen several iterations of the Y6b. A Y6a would
be a welcome addition to the market, if your tooling hasn't already been
Plus, there exists still a prototype Y6a, awaiting measurement and
photography. The Y6b's are no more, unfortunately.
I'll even volunteer to go measure the Y6a on your behalf if need be.
If it's too late to change, I'd offer humbly the following requests:

1. Pls. equip the engine with scale-size 57"-58" inch drivers. The previous
models have suffered aesthetically from way-too-small drivers.
2. Pls. enable a way to achieve articulation without having the rear set of
drivers rotate unrealistically. I gotta think folks who pay $699 for a loco
will either 1) sit it in a case and never run it, or 2) run it through
curves a lot larger than 18"-22".
3. Pls. don't stick the BLI A-class sound chip in it. As a compound engine,
the sound was vastly different, depending on whether the engine was working
single or compound. Luckily, there are numerous recordings of Y's that might
be able to be digitally manipulated for use in a sound chip.

Thanks for listening to this loyal customer.

P.S. -- Can you pls. do a Z-class 2-6-6-2 and a K1 4-8-2?

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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