HO model caboose for 1954 was NE-6 Caboose

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Hi Bob;

The AMB CF is an excellent choice, and available from the commissary.


Nigel F Misso

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> What model cabooses would be appropriate for 1954 or so? To my naked eye

> looking at the Atlas model of the NE-6 I cannot discern any difference

> between it and pictures of prototype cabooses in steam-era photos....


> Bob Welsh

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>>The NE-6 is not an appropriate caboose for N&W during the steam era. This

>>type of caboose was acquired in the 1964 merger mania.


>>Jim Brewer

>>Glenwood MD


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>>>I am by no means an expert when it comes to the N&W and its equipment so

>>>I have to rely on sources other than myself. I do have a copy of

>>>"Cabooses of the Norfolk and Western" by Robert Bowers and James Brewer

>>>so I consulted it. It does not list the class NE-6 in the book. It

>>>could be that the NE-6 designation is for a merger railroad and is listed

>>>differently for the N&W. I'll need to dig into the "Cabooses" book in an

>>>effort to find out. May be some one on the list could further enlighten

>>>us on the subject?


>>>Dave Moorehead

>>>Milford, Ohio





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