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Bob, Dave, and to all,

I have missed reading the previous emails regarding this matter so I will
assume that you are asking in regards to the Atlas NE-6 caboose painted for
the N&W. The road numbers of the said models that I have seen are 557777 and
557780. According to the book that you mentioned, these road numbers would
fall into the C9 and C9P classes. I cant say if the model by Atlas is an
accurate representation but if you look at the last paragraph of the column
on the left on page 143, you will see that on twelve class C9 cabooses were
converted for pool service, road numbers 557761 through 557771 and 557775.
The Atlas models with the road numbers mentioned in the beginning of this
paragraph have the white stripe/band around the top of cupola indicating, as
you probably already know, pool service. Hence, these models should not have
the white stripe/band as they are not one of the twelve that the railroad

I haven't had time to research other accuracies/inaccuracies.


Todd Arnett

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I am by no means an expert when it comes to the N&W and its equipment
so I have to rely on sources other than myself. I do have a copy of
"Cabooses of the Norfolk and Western" by Robert Bowers and James
Brewer so I consulted it. It does not list the class NE-6 in the
book. It could be that the NE-6 designation is for a merger railroad
and is listed differently for the N&W. I'll need to dig into the
"Cabooses" book in an effort to find out. May be some one on the
list could further enlighten us on the subject?

Dave Moorehead
Milford, Ohio

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