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Some of the N&W variations will be hard to do. For instance, the cabs
were longer than usual to accomodate the dual control stands. Also they
had dynamic brakes in the top of the short hood. You might could do
this, but accurate drawings are hard to come by. Suggest you check out
the broadside photo on page 287 of Jeffries' "N&W Giant of Steam".
Jim Nichols

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> I have an Aristo Craft G-Gauge, RS 3, 1.29 scale. I want to convert it

> to a N & W RS 3 as pictured (Norfolk & Western in Color, Vol. 1, page

> 14. Can anyone recommend a good source of graphics to enable me to

> accurately place the lettering and the script herald on the

> locomotive. Also need info on any detail variations that were evident

> on the N & W versions of RS 3. I want to do this up right so any and

> all suggestions and advice is most welcome.


> L. David Sulewski

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