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> Hi,


> I am modelling an N Scale N&W mine shifter /

> classification yard at a

> fictitious location where a mine branch joins a

> mainline, set 1959. Does

> anyone know which locomotive would typically be used

> as yard switcher in

> this type of yard. Given the lack of N&W yard

> switcher models I would like

> to use a either a road switcher or an old steam

> locomotive, could I get

> away with this?


> Thanks


> Andy Thornton

FWIW, I never saw a "switcher" on the N&W Pocahontas
division for the time I was watching trains (growing
up) let's say 1965-1975.

N&W used mostly GP9s and RS11s for this purpose. I
understand that N&W used S1 0-8-0s in the yard in
Williamson in the time period you mention.


Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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