2005 Modelers' Mini-Convention

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Tue Jun 7 13:46:32 EDT 2005

The Mini-Convention focused on N&W/VGN modeling has proven to be very successful, with greater participation, in terms of models displayed, than we have seen at recent Conventions. Attendance has run 50-65 registrants at each. While the events are conducted under the banner of the Society, they are self-supporting and are organized and run by volunteers. To date they have been in Northern Virginia and in Richmond, only because members in those locations volunteered to host the events. We had hoped that one might spring to life in Ohio or West Virginia this year, but no one has come forward. So....

Jim Gillum has arranged to have our 2005 Mini-Con once again at Derbyshire Baptist Church here in Richmond. The date is Saturday, November 19. We will have more information about the program in the near future, but you can expect several clinics, layouts open for viewing, model displays (no contests, just show and tell), perhaps a slide show and our usual Society sales table. At the last one here we also had several vendors with tables and we will give some thought to a 'white elephant' operation as well. 

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts about the structure of the program or its content, please let Jim or me know, or start a discussion thread on this list.

Bill McClure
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