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Re: Mini ConventionI would like a get together for N&W modelers at a location that is convenient to many. For a one day event Richmond is out of the question so I have not attended those held. SRHA does their "Gathering" every Fall about the same time, It is well attended and offers a lot in clinics, history, techniques, etc.  It is held in a SRR significant location, i.e. restored Statesville, NC Depot. Hope this helps. Cal Reynolds.
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    I have not been to the Mini Meets,  but have been to all the conventions from the begining except for three of them. The modeling aspect the the conventions have become very poor over the years and most awards are given because only one entry, whether the model is award winning or not.  Because of tours, picnics, and running around at the convention, there is so little time to converse about modeling that I don't enjoy the conventions as much as I use to even the modeling room seems to be lockedup most of the time or when it is open it seems it's when someting else is going on.   I always arrived early, but so many people are unable to do so that some models at times don't arrive until Saturday up until voting, which is very short time due to getting a late lunch or getting ready for the Saturday nite dinners. The raffles use to include a brass model which I donated or was donated by an importer or was bought at a very cheap price as N&W pieces can be found today. I was told to stop the brass raffle by the board that we were not to solicit manufacuters anymore, who were very gracious in donating to the society. 
    Everyone seemed to walk away with something special.  The conventions is not model friendly but is great for tour and speakers!
    This is why I was wondering about the Mini convention. It would be nice to know if the Mini conventions is going to be held so that one could plan if you could not make the Main Convention.  The peaple that I talk to and the write ups in the Arrow make the Mini Convention sound much more fun where you have more time to share ideas, tips, and discuss about the N&W. Jim Brewer stated in his article in the Arrow that the first convention in Cincinnati was "diapointed on the convention activities".  That year we had a record of 213 in atendence as it was called "the convention for the N&W Modeler".  I was approached by Jim Gillium for the convention. There was nothing left of the N&W to visit, but he wanted a volunteer.  The Modeling theme of the convention must have been a success, for I had numerous request to volunter again.  I was like a huge Mini convention with slide shows, layout tours and everything.  
    Does any one else who has been to the MINI Conventions have any helpful comments or suggestions?

    Stephen Rineair

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      Fellas, at this point no Fall NWHS Modelers Mini-Con is on the calendar, but Jim Gillum and I spoke yesterday about hosting the fourth annual such event in Richmond in November. The first three have been well-received, and as has been pointed out, actually have attracted more models than the Conventions.

      Give us a little time to work out some scheduling details and we'll post something. In the meantime, how about subject matter; what would you like to  see in the way of clinics? Any changes in format?

      Best regards, 
      Bill McClure

      I haven't been able to make many of the June conventions but have made all 3 mini meets and they've all been GREAT ! ! ! 
      The clinics have all been informative and the format is fine. Alternating between Richmond and North Virginia is a nice touch.

    Ron Herfurth
    Charlottesville, VA


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