Mini Convention - more for the modelers?

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I can't speak to the mini-conventions as I've missed them due to work/duty
schedules, but hope to start attending them in the future.  Seeing others
layouts is a lot of fun and inspiring.  I can say the "regular" conventions
have some great workshops and model displays (contest entries and
otherwise).  Again, it's great to see the work of others.  They provide some
great ideas on projects and techniques for projects you've wanted to do.
I'd encourage you to attend the convention if you can.  The tours are also
great for ideas for models and layouts.
Phil Miller
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Is anyone going to fall mini NWHS convention instead of the June convention?
I do more modeling and would believe that the mini convention would be more
beneficial to my modeling interest which is why I joined the society.
Stephen Rineair

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