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Wed Apr 20 17:35:00 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I appreciate the response to my last email stating that I would be
suspending production of HO Southern Silverside gon kits within a few
months ... the thought was that I'd take a break to let back orders
build up to make 1 last run (maybe).
Well ... I was informed this week that my ALPS decal maker is closing
his doors in July or August due to personal time-constraint reasons but,
primarily, due to scarcity of ALPS paper and materials.  The printers
haven't been produced for over 5 years and he's shocked that materials
have been available this long.  He's not alone.  Other ALPS sources are
also dropping out of sight, meaning I'll have to go back to silk
screening, much to my regret.  This will impact future kits that I
wanted to produce, unless I can sell at least a 100 of 'em per run.
What this means is that this email TRULY is the LAST CALL for these
cars.  There will likely not be enough back order interest by late
summer to justify the cost of new decal artwork and an order for 100 red
and 100 green sets of decals that I have to buy as a minimum.
Therefore, once the current batch of cars plus a few extras are kitted
and shipped, the car will officially be discontinued.  It's been a VERY
popular car with modelers and shops all over the mid-Atlantic and
Southeast but the end is near.
Sooooo, if you EVER plan to get some kits, now's the time to place your
order.  This is for real.  There will be NO more kits produced once the
decals run out.  Getting your order in NOW will guarantee kits for you
because I still have about 10 days to place a final ALPS order.  Once
April 31 passes, I can't order anything else for any other project.
To see a pic of the pilot model, please visit my web site (address is
below).  These cars were built from Jan to May 1960 and ran in revenue
service until about 2 years ago.  Not bad for a car designed to last
only 20 years!
I am filling the last batch of orders received from many of you, which I
appreciate.  But, if you expect to need more after those, tell me now
because the kits will stop when the decals go bye-bye.  Contact me
off-list to place your reservation.  Only SERIOUS orders will be taken.
If you don't plan to fulfill your reservation, don't bother placing one
so folks who REALLY want cars can get them.
Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.
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