Broadway Limited 4-8-4

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I have one of the early Y-3 engines that was fitted with a Soundtraxx
decoder shortly after I bought it. IMHO, quality is not as good as the
Broadway A, especially the bell. Sounds "tinny" to me compared to the A. 

Jerry A. Shepardson

N&W - Precision Transportation

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Hi Mike,
 I have one on back order with Tony's Train Exchange last time I enquired it
was April shipping, but I did read in advert by Standard Hobby Supply in the
May issue of Model Railroader that May was quoted,where they got that info
from who knows.
Has anyone fitted a sound decoder into PK2 Y class or the Rivarossi Y6!.
Regards, Terry Lee.
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> Anyone have any news on the Class J's?
> They were due out a few months ago, but Broadway Limited has not posted
> updates on their site, leading me to suspect they have dropped them, or
> pushed them to the bottom of their list.  Probably to concentrate on some
> diesels or something like that.
> Mike Rector.
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