Broadway Limited 4-8-4

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Without a doubt, O scale has better sound.
That is because of the speaker size.
The first time I heard an O-Scale sound system, I was in awe.
But, as with everything, I'm sure technology will catch up.
However, I can afford many more HO scale locos and fit
the tracks to run them, so it is a fair compromise for me.

Mike Rector

At 09:23 AM 4/6/2005, you wrote:
>I have seen the Broadway Ltd. engines at shows but the sound systems seem
>pitiful.  I run 3-rail O (scale only) and am used to the great sounds and
>eventually plan to go with Atlas, MTH, Weaver, etc. 2-rail with sound and
>DCC.    Because of space limitations I had considered going with HO with
>sound, but after hearing them at the shows decided against it.  Has anyone
>had a chance to hear the HO engines with sound and also heard the 3-rail
>with sound for comparison?  Maybe I am not giving them a chance.
>Bill Graham III
>Twymans Mill, VA
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> > Anyone have any news on the Class J's?
> > They were due out a few months ago, but Broadway Limited has not posted
> > updates on their site, leading me to suspect they have dropped them, or
> > pushed them to the bottom of their list.  Probably to concentrate on some
> > diesels or something like that.
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> > Mike Rector.
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