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Wed Feb 23 13:23:03 EST 2005

On 2/22/2005, Lois Ponton wrote:

>I would like to make a request of those persons who had purchased the
>Life-Like P2K 2-8-8-2: I happened to buy one of these engines (N&W 2019
>with the 16 tender) recently from a private owner, and there was no papers
>included with the engine, and the drawbar was broken while the engine was
>being shipped to me. Since this is a unique type of drawbar on this model,
>can any of you help me with finding a replacement drawbar for my engine?


If Life-Like can't help, I can provide one.  I fried one of my locomotives 
a couple of Christmases ago, and have set it aside to replace the drive 
train.  In the interim, I came across a replacement almost for free.  I 
would be willing to sacrifice the drawbar on the fried one.  I think, 
however, that Life-Like will probably replace it for you if you give them a 
call.  If you need a copy of the parts list for the locomotive, I can scan 
one and email it to you.

Kert Peterson
Fircrest, WA
kertp at

Modeling the Norfolk and Western Ry in 1951, when Precision Transportation 
was still steam powered!  
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