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One of the problems in modifying the Rivarossi Y6b to
a Y6/Y6a is shortening the front of the boiler about a
scale 18" or so.  Another problem is the cab - it's
too long.  I believe it was proportioned that way to
accommodate the motor in the original 1960s-vintage
model.  Compare the model to photos and it's pretty
apparent.  Since you're going to use a different
running gear, extracting 6" or so from the cab may not
be so much of a problem, nor will the structural mods
to the front.  I've done the boiler front mod three
times (equivalent of Y6a, Y6 and Y5) including the
feedwater heater, but I cheated by substituting
another cab in each case.

Dave Stephenson

> nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:
> >Is the running gear from a LL Y3 comparable to a
> Y6?
> >
> >I was thinking of modifying a Riv Y6B shell back to
> a Y6
> >and mounting it on a LL Y3 chassis...I know the
> pony and trailing
> >trucks would need to be changed to the roller
> bearing type...I'm 
> >not sure about the running gear, wheels, valve gear
> etc...I think
> >it would make a great Y6!
> >
> >Thanks
> >Leslie
> >
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