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Y3 and Y6 running gear look pretty much alike. Get a Y3 with the 
wishbone bridgepipe. You will still need to make some modification of 
the front steps, and you may want to beef up the frame in this area to 
simulate the cast bedframe of the Y6.  Your biggest problem will be 
adapting the Rivarossi boiler to fit on the LifeLike running gear. But 
it is a good idea. Let us know how it works out.  Jim Nichols

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>Is the running gear from a LL Y3 comparable to a Y6?
>I was thinking of modifying a Riv Y6B shell back to a Y6
>and mounting it on a LL Y3 chassis...I know the pony and trailing
>trucks would need to be changed to the roller bearing type...I'm 
>not sure about the running gear, wheels, valve gear etc...I think
>it would make a great Y6!
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