J 611 Tender Trucks

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I suspect Bethlehem Car Works would consider running
the correct truck if
1) A sample of the Jawn Henry truck was loaned 
2) There was assurance of a certain level of sales (I
don't know what that would be for BCW).
They have a large variety of specialty trucks,
including tenders.

Specialty manufacturers are far more apt to respond to
helpful "We will loan a sample and have lined up a
firm order from 35 individuals for 75 pairs" approach 
than a string of "You should consider doing XXX, there
would be a large market" postcards or emails.  We
small, niche manufacturers are all too familiar with
what often [doesn't] happen to that [vocal] "large
market." The recent loco decal string demonstrates
this point.

Bethlehem Car Works  is at PO Box 325, Telford
PA,18969. I'm not posting their email--after all if
you're serious it's worth the effort to write, isn't

Merle Rice
Model RR WArehouse
Roanoke, IN

--- nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> Not only the trucks of the 611-613 were different
> from that of the other 
> J's, but the tender bodies were as well. (modeling
> the last production of 
> A's and Y6b's-the flat deck on my Y6b 2194 stuffed
> model I was very 
> relieved to find correct-and that was in 1999 before
> I knew of the 
> differences in the N&W production tenders) That is
> why I am wishing for a 
> replacement for my Bachmann 611's tender: so it
> would more properly reflect 
> the tender used behind that engine. As for the
> trucks, I will have to look 
> at them more closely (the next time I go to Roanoke,
> whenever that will be, 
> since I cannot drive) so I can determine what would
> be needed with the 
> trucks on my model.
> Lois J. Ponton
> N&W Williamson WV Yard and Engine Terminal
>  >I stand by my statement on the tender trucks.  I
> don't know the
>  >>classification numbers for different
>  >Commonwealth tender trucks, but the last group of
> J's and A's had a
>  >different design sideframe.  The tender decks on
> 611-13 were
>  >different as well:  They were flat on the top like
> the A and Y class
>  >locomotives.  So my theory is that 611's tender
> was the one it
>  >always had.  It was like only two other tenders
> (612, 613).
>  >
>  >None of the HO brass imports ever bothered with
> the distinction
>  >between the tender trucks, except the Jawn Henry
> was modelled
>  >correctly.  A former hobby shop in Roanoke
> announced that they were
>  >going to try to import tenders trucks as made for
> Jawn so we could
>  >correctly model a late A or J. But that never
> materialized.
>  >
>  >Rick Morrison
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