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Peter  and list

Do not hestiate to send the one that does not run well back to BLI and get 
it repaired or replaced, they cost too darn much. Send the loco in care of 
Jimmy Hicks and I am sure he will make things right.

I am working with my contacts At BLI and QSI to see what can be done to get 
a new chip burnt to make them run right. We know it is a chip problem so 
bear with me as I feel I can get us some help for the A's.

How many of y'all are having problems with the Class A's being wild things 
on DCC.

You can contact me off list so we do not take up so much message space.

Mike Ritschdorff nwpoca at hotmail.com

For the folks wondering about more N&W stuff all I have to say is SAVE YOUR 
MONEY! It is gonna hurt real bad in the next year and half!!

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>Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 13:46:56 -0500
>Greetings Mike and the NHWS members,
>I would like to add to this thread (Class A vs Class Y whistles).  Mike 
>mentioned that his Class A doesn't run all that well.  I have a similar 
>problem. I pre-ordered two Class As in June 2003 through one of the large 
>mail order houses and did not receive them until late December (remember 
>the delays?).  Only one run out of the box and then only briefly; the other 
>was DOA (electrical or electronic problem).  Both engines were sent to BLI 
>for repair (electronic, cosmetic, and mechanical defects) and were 
>eventually returned in July 2004.  One engine works and the other is still 
>DOA (same problems) and is now a display model.  The whole experience to 
>that point had soured me on BLI products, especially since these engines 
>had cost almost 2.5X what a good looking and well running Spectrum engine 
>I did decide to give BLI another chance with their release of the C&O T1s 
>and ordered two through the C&OHS.  These engines arrived in perfect 
>working order and run very well.  The sound is needs adjustment and 
>balancing and the detail is OK.  Not bad for $300+ each.
>Overall, I would say that the hobby will continue in the direction of "more 
>bell and whistles" with greater detail and prototype fidelity, all at a 
>greater price.
>For that greater price, I expect that the product will be well designed and 
>well built, prototypically accurate, and run properly out of the box.
>Peter E. Franson
>3816 Highland Oaks Drive
>Fairfax, VA  22033
>pfranson at erols.com
>At 03:47 PM 1/14/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>>The whistle sound is the same as the Class but it NOT the same chip!!!!
>>My Class A do nt run well at all but the Y's run just great. The A's will 
>>not take proper programming but the Y's will. I have done research on 
>>switching chips form another BLI loco to the class A to get better 
>>results. I was able to obtain a Pennsy J 1 chip through my sources and 
>>installed it into the Class A. The results were outstanding except for the 
>>Pennsy whistle and the chuff rate.
>>All of you who have a Class A that does not run correctly please let BLI 
>>and QSI know about it and maybe together we can get a new chipo burned or 
>>maybe some of the Y3 chips.
>>Mike Ritschdorff
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>>>Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 00:24:02 EST
>>>In a message dated 1/12/2005 10:38:51 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
>>>nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org writes:
>>>Hi  all,
>>>Life-Like recently released another run of their Proto 2000  2-8-8-2's.
>>>One version is supposed to be the VGN USA Class of which I  purchase No.
>>>719 equipped with sound.  I have noticed that it appears  Life-Like used
>>>the same sound chip Broadway Limited used in their release  of the N&W
>>>A's as the whistle sound is identical.  Is this even  remotely accurate?
>>>I'm on the verge of returning the loco over this, but  wanted to check
>>>with the group first.
>>>Jim  Slack
>>>Wichita, KS
>>>While I have not had the P2K unit in front of me I imagine it is the  
>>>decoder as the "A". I believe the same co. produced decoders for both
>>>producers. The whistle is correct for the "A" and a N & W Y3. I am  not 
>>>what the VGN would have used but I seem to remember hearing a VGN  
>>>somewhere and it was a very high pitch one. Not the low moan of the N  & 
>>>W whistles.
>>>Ray Russell
>>>"Norfolk & Western Railroad"   "Pocahontas Division"  "Circa 1958"
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