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Can anyone provide documentation about what color the earlier lettering schemes 
were?  White? Gold?

I'm referring of course to the cab side lettering scheme for one.

The scheme with a larger "N" and "W" like Abram provided a photo of is second.

The only other major scheme I can think of would be the USRA scheme.

Were there any other steam era schemes in the 20th century that I don't know about?

Rick C Stone
NWHS Member #1

nw-modeling-list at wrote:
> Rick Stone asks:
>     To make the decals useful for smaller power I would like to include
>     that
>     lettering style, the cab side lettering and the smaller lettering
>     for smaller
>     tenders in the modern era.
>     Can you give me a reference for the "period".  I don't remember that.
> Stoney :
> I am attaching a JPG of N&W Eng 4, an 1889 Rogers Class D Ten 
> Wheeler, depicting this lettering.  It probably won't get posted on the 
> list as an image, however.  So, send me your e-mail address and I'll 
> forward it to you.
> -- abram burnett
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