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Personally.. if someone is a real business person manufacturing items  of
interest to N&W modellers, I think its good to post notices that  something
is coming down the pipe - BLI models of the J's for instance. But  I don't
think I should post on here that I have a bunch of rolling stock  for sale or
what-not. There are some swap and sell yahoo groups that are  quite good for
that. I like knowing that this decal maker or that model  maker is planning
on doing something I am interested in.
That's just  this lurker's two cents' worth.

Bob Welsh

Bob and all,
I agree also to a point! I don't want a hundred for sale messages either!  
However if someone on this list had 50 N & W hoppers they were going to get  rid 
of I would really like to know about it! I belong to a number of lists that  
are run by Jim Six. He runs a tight ship list wise and everyone toes the mark 
or  else! His solution is that you may list something for sale "ONE" time. All 
 comminucation regarding the sale has to be done off list! It works really  
Maybe this would suit everyone here? Manufacturers are also allowed the  same 
Ray Russell
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