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On the Rivarossi Berkshire tender, buckeye trucks would be correct for 
the tenders used on the K1's. Buckeyes are also correct  for the 18k WB  
tenders that the others pulled after WWII. I would just buy the Spectrum 
auxiliary. While it is worth it for just the trucks, the body is an 
excellent start on the 16k tenders the K's pulled before 1946, and the 
trucks are correct.   Jim Nichols

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> Greetings folks,
> I recently purchased Bachman's 4-8-2. Now, after breaking it in and 
> putting a "correct" headlight on it, I'm ready to go for a correct 
> Tender. Just one problem.... Where do I start? I've tried Life-Like to 
> just get the frame and body from the old Y3 release... no good (go 
> figure, it was worth a try though!). I also have a picture of a K with 
> an ex Pierre Marquette tender. It just so happens that I have and old 
> Rivarrossi Berkshire tender that would only need a little work to look 
> right. If I go that route, anyone know what tender trucks would be 
> correct? Anyone have any other ideas?
> BTW, don't try ordering Bachman's auxiliary water tender trucks... 
> they're out of stock for a "few months". Who else makes these trucks? 
> My old brass K3 could use a new set also!!!
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