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I can't tell you how to think Fred, but I suspect that the Society is only
as good as what you take from it.  And so is this list.  If you don't like
to read a disagreement, you can simply delete it.  But, every once in a
while, a gem of information turns up from some of the "older, wiser,
been-there, done-that" guys.  An example, in my case was the recent
discussion about which Class A's were regularly run out of Portsmouth. I
save those emails to a special folder full of pieces of info I think I
could use later.  Much of what is discussed here is not of much interest to
me, so I delete it.  I don't get too excited which F units ran in Canada or
came from Wabash, etc...    You have to step back and look at the overall
picture.  And that is, there is no other group with as much potential to
preserve the history of the N&W.  And certainly no other organization that
will so readily share that history with you.  

I hope you can say "Hey, it's just one of those Interenet things." and let
it go and it won't bug you too much, and the N&WHS will still be there
whenever you need it, with your continued help and support.

Mike Rector

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I think that this and the other post about the guy who listed all of the
things he has done for the N&WHS. Shows how this list is serving one
purpose only.
  I have to agree with Jim brewer in that the runs are not the same for
  I'm going to have to think about if I want to remain on this list and
even a member of the N&WHS for that matter. It's getting to click-sh for me.
Take Care
Fred Mullins
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>   This is a question for those who model N&W structures.  What N&W
structure is needed in HO, possibly
>   in O scale that would follow a laser cut format that N&W modelers would
like to see produce?  I am seriously
>   looking for something of wide use.  It could also be a Virginian
structure also.  Preferably one in the fifties of later.
> Stephen,  one item that is needed in both scales is a high quality laser
cut kit for a wood coaling tower.   It would not matter to most modelers if
it was N&W/VGN or not, thus there would be a wide market for the kit among
fans of other roads who hopefully would buy the kits.   A wood coaling
tower has not been available since the Alexander kit in HO, or the Gloor
Craft kit in O, and the current technology would produce a much superior
> And a sincere thank you to you for all you have done for the society!
> Michael Ross, Ft Worth, TX
> Where the VGN Ry is slowly being built through the Appalachians in O Scale

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